“Coaching for Fathers”

What is in the best interest of children? What we know is that all the studies and all the reports conclude that both mothers and fathers are equally important. This being true: Why are the courts and related organizations promoting inequality and disparaging fathers? When fathers are discriminated against this hurts them. When parents are hurt it has a negative effect on them emotionally and mentally and this takes it’s toll on our children! “This behavior needs to stop”!

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“Equal Representation for Men & Women

The courts offer brochures advertising “Women’s Groups” that help mother’s and their children “pro-bono” (Free). These women must file an “Abuse Claim” (as instructed by officers of the court in most cases) to receive pro bono representation. When an “Abuse Claim” is filed these “Women’s Groups” can become subsidized by the state and county and are represented by lawyers in training to become “Family Law Practitioners” (at the expense of Fathers). This is a violation of “Equal Rights Under The Law” and creates Un-equal access to the court! Filing a known false abuse claim to DCFS is “Fraud” and “Defamation”. When children are removed from their home and or their Father and loved ones in this manor it meets the definition of “Kidnapping” (a felony!). When these women are instructed to lie to DCFS the person instructing them is a “Coconspirator under the law” and can be prosecuted with a charge of “Felony Kidnapping” (no statute of limitations). Coconspirators that are attorneys can be “Disbarred” and any and all cases would need to be Retried where known biases exist. Companies that financially support these “Women Groups” should be put on notice that they are supporting a sexist organization.

Fathers that have had their children kidnapped from them by their mothers and the court suffer the same trauma of kidnapping like anyone else would. This defamation and the proof of it to the public is the removal of their children by the court! The public believes that children removed from their fathers only happens in extreme cases and must be based on real evidence and an elaborate investigation that had been conducted! The reality is that children are removed based on the mother simply filing a false claim. This can greatly damage – the fathers relationships with their own children, their character– at their workplace , their children’s school, their church with their friends and family and in their career causing them tremendous emotional and financial distress all resulting in financial loss. Mothers are instructed to “Never report to the court and or the police” because they would face being convicted of filing a false police report. lawyers and women’s groups that advise mothers on this behavior are now coconspirators in this corruption and should be disbarred and sanctioned and these cases should be retried, because there is now Court biases against the Father!

When we interviewed the DCFS’s in house council we learned that 50% of all claims they process are fraud and are made by mothers “Over 95% of the time” in a custody battle in order to receive free legal representation. They told us that children are removed based on this fraud “Everyday – AllDay” These “Women’s Groups” are subsidized by the government! These groups lure lawyers into volunteering for them because they offer training programs to lawyers that want to become “Family-Law Practitioners” and or “Certified Family Law Specialists”. These practices are “Abuse of Power”, “Abuse of Process”, “Abuse of Litigation”, “Defamationand “Fraud“. We were also told that “No one has been prosecuted” for filing a fraudulent claim. We will change this because this uses up viable resources that should be used on legitimate cases.

The average “Family-Law Attorney” makes $330/hour, Ironically the average “Neurosurgeon” (Brain Surgeon) makes the same (this isn’t brain surgery). When a Father/Parent that is paying support has a financial set back of any kind they must go to court and have their support adjusted. Normally attorneys want to be paid for the day if they need to go to court (they never know when the case will be called that day) this means they need $2,500 on average to represent the father/parent suffering with financial difficulties. Usually they ask for a day to prepare as well. this means your financial difficulties could cost $5,000. When the other mother/parent is being subsidized by the state through one of the groups fore mentioned they go to court for free. This is why most fathers/parents default on payments and never go to court and get behind on their support. This causes a tremendous amount of shame and hardship on the father/parent and in turn his relationship with his children. Fathers still believe the “pay to play” mentality is a law. Not paying support means no access or custody of your children. These tremendous hardships greatly contribute to the absent father statistics!

Our objective is to bring equality to this system, This may mean bringing an end to these non profits (501 c3’s) that perpetrate this corruption on the government’s dime. This may also mean that the government, attorneys and or other “officers of the court” be held responsible for the damage done to these fathers! The cases that these individuals have been involved in may need to be retried because there are now known biases!

We have been told by several lawyers that have “volunteered” with these women’s groups that they never heard of a man being represented. This means that the father is now faced with the the expense of legal fees and against lawyers that are filing multiple “Request for Order” with the court to meet a requirement to become a “Family Law Practitioner”. This is an “Abuse of Litigation” and creates “Unequal Access” and places a tremendous hardship on Fathers. We believe that these cases need to be retried and these groups need to pay for the equal representation. We believe that a large number of these types of cases have victimized Fathers and this is not to say that women are not victimized, because they are! We simply believe that this system is sexist and hurts Fathers.

Because this court process is biased, “private orders” should become the norm to end this corruption and unnecessary court proceedings!

Los Angeles county DCFS annual budget is reported to be roughly $3b, There are 30,000 children and 3,000 social workers

Mothers and Fathers both are in the best interest of our children!

“Wrong dose not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it” Leo Tolstoy

There are two ways to change the law: 

1. legislative action: Legislation is used to produce new laws. Only the laws are in place and simply not practiced when it comes to Fathers Rights. The 14th Amendment: Equal Protection Under The Law, Title 6, Title 7, The Equality Act, Collusion, Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Defamation, etc.

2. Judicial action. Legal precedence, pushing a case to a judgment in court creates new legal precedence (new laws).

What needs to be eliminated: The use of “Custodial Parent” and “Non Custodial Parent” (these terms have become miss-used). The WIC Program: “Women Infants and Children” (this is a sexist name) this is a program that may do a lot of good; however we feel it should be reorganized to include “Fathers” (breast feeding training is a small component). This contributes to more fatherless children, as the assumption is fathers are not welcome! PIC would be a better name. “Parents Infants and Children”. The support arears collection process and “Assigned Arears”, Federal funds matching.

What needs to be adopted: New Precedence’s, Equality, Real child abuse needs to be reported to law enforcement because social workers are not investigators!

“Discrimination is always a violation of “Civil Rights”

“Disparaged groups do not accomplish equality by disparaging other groups”

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